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Kate Devlin

June 19th, 2011

Some Questions @ 10:32 am

A few questions for anyone "embedded" within a spiritual tradition. I do not mean Christian fundamentalists, "if you don't believe in what I believe in you'll go to hell forever". I don't mean New Age channelers, or people who are far gone beyond the barrier of coherence. I do mean Sufis, Taoists, Zen people, spiritual Christians, shamans, etc.

Is there an afterlife? What happens after we die?

Could there be a scientific explanation for this or am I looking at things the wrong way?

Are we on the brink of a global "transformation" or is this longing the product of the alienation of our society?

What do you think of  both the "Singularity"? What do you think of the "Mayan prophecy" which most Mayanologists disagree with (as I understand)?
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Kate Devlin